The heat, it’s hot.

04.09.2013 & 05.09.2013

Manhattan, Nueva York

“It’s hot” – Residents of New York

I now understand why people of New York in life and in movies catch cabs everywhere or have personal drivers. Not only is the city HUGE and not able to be covered in one day, but it is hot, swelteringly and unbearably hot. It’s not a dry heat like Melbourne, it’s a humid, sticky kind of hot that has your face melting off before you’ve left your apartment.

Catch the Subway you say? Wrong, you are so wrong. Would you like to descend through the 9 circles of hell reminiscent of Dante’s Inferno? No? That’s what I thought. The only relief that you get from the claustrophobic heat of the subway is when the train arrives on your platform and brings with it that delayed rush of air that leaves you feeling both thankful and disgusted at the same time.

I think I’ve made my point.

The past couple days have been very productive. We have gained a lot of headway across both the East and West Villages, as well as branching out to one of the other Borough’s of New York – Brooklyn. With so much to see and do here it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed which is why I loved going to the East Village as it’s more confined and provides a much needed and well deserved respite from the rat race that is Manhattan.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central is this cavernous maze made up of interweaving subways that if you can master, you get a key to the city.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal

Token couple shot.

Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

This is the Bethesda Fountain, you may or may not recognise it from the movies and or TV shows that you’ve watched but it’s one of the main attractions/focal points in Central Park.

Tom's Restaurant

Tom’s Restaurant

For those of you whom recognise this at first glance, this is the famous facade of the diner that it’s the main meeting point for all of the characters from Seinfeld. Situated on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, a stones throw a way from Columbia University, this typical American Diner has seen many a famous people walk through it’s doors such as the cast and Crew from Seinfeld, Suzanne Vega and even Barack Obama when he was a student at Columbia.

Tom's Diner

Tom’s Diner

Sushi from Morimoto

Sushi from Morimoto

After walking around the East Village/Meat Packing district, we ordered take away sushi from the infamous Morimoto and ate it picnic style on the scenic High Line with views of the East River. It was delicious and hands down the best Sushi I have ever had the privilege of consuming.

Now we are entering day 5 of NYC discovery whereby the majority of our time was spent in the outer borough’s of Brooklyn and the little villages that it comprises of such as Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Dumbo and Cobble Hill.


Grimaldi’s Pizza

Lunch was at the infamous Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, a New York institution that did not fail to deliver. The pizza was huge, but of the authentic italian thin crust variety which made it a lot easier to digest as most pizza’s in this city are thick base, thick sliced dinner plates that you can barely fit in one hand.

Kelly – it was better than il tratto ra ro in Concord, not even kidding.


Brooklyn Bridge

Token Brooklyn Bridge shot.


East River from Brooklyn

Williamsburg was super nice, reminiscent of Fitzroy but the cool factor was way more intense. Lined with vintage clothing shops and stores full of useless but cool things, we walked up and down the main drag, Bedford Avenue, in less than 45 minutes. It was a nice change of pace – finally, a feeling of accomplishment.


Exciting stuff tying up a shoelace


Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

Kitty Graff
Kitty Graff

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Cookie and Cream Hot Fudge Sundae

Cookie and Cream Hot Fudge Sundae

“It is ridiculous to set a detective story in New York City. New York City is itself a detective story.”

Well said, Agatha Christie, well said.


PS – I have updated the “America” tab with all pictures from our travels since we got here, check it out if you want to see our holiday through pictures instead of words. 

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